DOXA Institute admits students of any race, color, disability, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the FACULTY


DOXA Institute chooses to stand upon its reputation of academic excellence in higher education.

DOXA Institute is qualified to offer degree

  1. By its academic standard
  2. By the qualifications of its personnel (Academic staff, Course writers, Advisory board and Regents).
  3. The success of any institution is determined by whether or not the graduates are doing what they have been trained to do. DI purposes to train people for the ministry, market and public places.
  4. By the testimonies of DI students who have attended traditional colleges, universities and seminaries and who verify DI’s comparable quality.
  5. By its legal authority. DOXA Institute is registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Approved by Federal Ministry of Education.
  6. Doxa Institute has a membership status with International Council for Higher Education Zurich, Switzerland (ICHE) and also currently pursuing accreditation with the same Council to award degrees at the Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels.
  7. A membership status with Institute of Public Speaking Nigeria.


The academic programmes of DI offers you a wide range of courses combined in such a way as to address students’ career expectations and improve their productivity.

The DI academic programmes include a broad range of integrated courses, which shall be compulsory for all students as foundation year courses. The following have been presented in conformity with the regulatory bodies. These programmes include (General Education):


CODE                                  COURSE                                       CH

  • GENE 1001  Kingdom Studies                                                                                                           3
  • GENE 1002  Information Technology                                                                        3
  • GENE 1003 Use of English & Communication Skills                                                   3
  • GENE 1004 Use of English & Communication Skills                                                   3
  • GENE 1005 Use of Library                                                                                               2
  • GENE 1006 Citizenship & Patriotism                                                                        2
  • GENE 1007 Worldviews                                                                                                                      3
  • GENE 2004 Reading & Memory Development                                                          3
  • GENE 2005 Logic and Philosophy                                                                       3   
  • GENE 2006 Socio-Economic Development                                                              3
  • GENE 2007 Creative Thinking & Execution                                                              3
  • GENE 2008 History & Philosophy of Science                                                           2
  • GENE 2009 Historical Studies {Nig., Africa, & World}                                             2
  • GENE 2010  Political Geography                                                                             2

The programme of DI shall include Post-doctoral degree, Graduate, Post Graduate Diploma, Undergraduate and Associate Diploma programmes consistent with the criteria used in determining the programmes.


The thrust of DOXA Institute curriculum is found in two areas: TRUTH CONTENT and COMMUNICATION TOOLS. DI is out to strike a balance between content  focus to a context focus. Thus, TRUTH CONTENT from the Biblical worldview curriculum must go hand in hand with the COMMUNICATION TOOLS from the major areas of interest for disseminating these truths.

The philosophy of DOXA Institute is to provide                GODUCATION/ ELDUCATION for her students by Monistic Approach to knowledge acquisition thereby linking current scholarship with spirituality. She envisions a mind renewing and affective kind of education capable of overhauling the total man; spirit, soul and body. To effectively and efficiently do this, she has the following as guides:

  • Teaching of righteous curricular
  • Using the Bible as her core text while making reference to other materials.
  • Use of dialectic and discursive approaches of learning.
  • A teacher to CLASS CAPACITY of twelve – fifteen students {12-15} in a class room (Jesus method).

By so doing, DOXA succeeds in raising godly leaders who will positively affect the various spheres of human endeavour by making and implementing righteous polices on many fronts.


The core textbook of DOXA Institute is THE BIBLE, but additional books are used for further analysis and for inspirational value on a subject.