DOXA is all about GOD; Who God Is; What God Has, and What God can Do! She strongly believes and upholds the irrevocable truth that GOD IS THE SOURCE, WELL-SPRING AND FOUNTAIN OF ALL KNOWLEDGE. He is Omni-Science – ALL-KNOWING SUBJECTS AND DISCIPLINES. In His Omniscient nature, “He knew and therefore created the stars before astronomy; but man in his ignorance conceives astrology. Flowers existed before botany; man in his ignorance resorts to pantheism. Life existed before biology; man in his ignorance falls to evolution. God existed before theology; man in his ignorance falls to religion. There is therefore no knowledge outside GOD. Whatever the field of study, they all existed in God and for his glory hence there was never any need for the dichotomy we have today as to secularism and spiritualism. Nothing in our own opinion exists like secular education; everything is Divinely Revealed. Seeing God in any kind of knowledge one desires to acquire makes one to aspire to be inspired by God the source of that knowledge. The idea of secularism was simply to cut God; the source of knowledge, from the system and make man employ the degenerate power of his soul which is controlled by the devil except when yielded to the Lordship of God. The severance of the God-factor from our educational system all in the name of secular/godless education is what has led to the bastardization of our educational foundation and erosion of our value-systems. This is what DOXA stands to correct!

DOXA is by no means an institution by default, since nature neither allows a vacuum nor does God leave destiny molding phenomena like her to chance. She is predestined according to foreknowledge to conform to God’s own standard and called to do something different! In her bid to become one of the “ Global, Top-Most Trail-blazing institution, she relates more and treads the footprints of institutions like Harvard University, Yale University and Regent University, to mention but these few. DOXA draws and drinks directly from GOD’s boundless and exhaustless cistern. God said concerning DOXA; “Learn all you can from them, discover what makes them to stand out amongst many but work towards becoming an improvement of them. DOXA Institute is an educational entity born on the 27th October 2008. DOXA is fashioned to make a difference in the educational sphere and so she runs with an exposition of uncommon ideals, philosophy, motto and the elixir that justifies its existence and position as a global topmost, trail-blazing Private institution.