DOXA exist out of the bounds of cultural norms of education. By implication is different from main stream education.

DOXA is productive of something fresh (Goducation/Elducation) and unusual. A first made a truly original approach to education. Being out of the ordinary!

This accepted order or general practice is the Monistic Approach to Learning. DOXA provides Goducation/Elducation which implies nothing is Secular (courses, subjects, disciplines) everything is Divinely revealed.

DOXA conforms and adheres to UNCONVENTIONAL education culture and that culture is “GODUCATION. So, ‘SECULARISM’ is man’s invention and creation therefore, not accepted practice by DOXA.

DOXA is an Unconventional choice of education because the ‘BIBLE’ is placed as the ‘CORE TEXT’ while other books are used as complementary texts.

DOXA’S courses, subjects, outlines are taught, interpreted, applied within the “BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW” as a Kingdom Institution.

Given to our CONTEXT and CONTENT especially the integration of faith in all our programmes, we are UNCONVENTIONAL; the very opposite of secular institutions.

Prof. Solomon Omayiwa                                                                                                    President/Chancellor CEO