“When you educate a woman, the nation is built.”

“When you educate youths, the future generation is secured.”

The need to train competent young adults, men and women in the ministry, market and public places in a secular and multi-cultural society is a great challenge.

DOXA Institute, given to this challenge provides pre-eminent courses which contain spiritual-nutritional balanced meal for capacity building.

Like any other educational institution in existence today DI has a beginning. Most of God’s natural creation starts out small and grows to maturity. The small acorn grows to become great oak; the human body has a microscopic beginning, reaches proper size for presentation to the world, and then grows to its full potentials. DOXA Institute is an arrow shot by God in this time to bring about excellent, qualitative and high standard of academic performance for its students by linking current scholarship and spirituality.

DOXA has its etymology in Greek meaning GLORY. It is the root of the word “DOXOLOGY”, which expresses praise and glory to the triune GOD. DOXA indicates, describes and expresses the GLORY of GOD; the total Essence of God’s person – His nature, power, splendor, holiness, righteousness, image and brightness, and His spiritual and moral character.

Prof. Dick Ikani Odiba

Vice – Chancellor