To secure the future of any country, the need to stir the potential of its young adults, men and women is essential. The philosophy at DOXA Institute is to place the BIBLE at the core of the entire programme. Its desire is to give young adults, men and women an all-round education, to prepare them for various professional, ministerial and leadership positions that are designed to meet the specific needs of planning, leading and administering programmes.

DOXA is poised to tread the paths of the early citadels of learning like the Harvard and Yale universities; fuse various training modules to fill in what is lacking and should be part of the young adults, men and women while being educated. In other words, prepare them for various life endeavours.

Some of which will include:

  1. Preparing individuals to fulfill their ministry within the body of Christ.
  2. Teaching basic ethics for everyday living. That is teaching righteous curriculum.
  3. Providing norms for mentoring i.e. influence through inspiration.
  4. Motivating students to research the scripture, then apply findings to their lives.
  5. Bringing each student into a close relationship with Jesus.
  6. Teaching the young adults, men and women how to organize and coordinate resources, energies and relationships in a productive context for an intended result.
  7. Intellectual development that enables the students to be a good leader, a clear thinker and a competent judge. This implies raising godly leaders for Nations.
  8. Generating passion for accomplishment through positive vision.
  9. Raising young adults, men and women who will establish righteousness in all sector of human endeavour. That is, establishing National policies on many fronts.