There are three major goals in education. One is cognitive development (intellectual); second is psychomotor (skill development); the other is affective development (the soul, personal value, decision making, and the spirit of man).  DI is determined to coordinate of these essential features of education with a view to striking an educational balance with spiritual devotion.

On the whole, the philosophy at DI is to provide a disciplined, well organized and thorough curriculum with a Biblical worldview.


DOXA Institute is a Global, Topmost, Trail-Blazing Institution that affirms the articles of faith found in three historic creeds of the early church: the Apostles’, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds.

  • The inspiration and authority of the scripture.
  • The existence of one God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The creation of the human race in the image of God.
  • The fall and resultant human depravity.
  • The deity of Christ, His incarnation, atonement, death and resurrection.
  • Salvation by the grace of God through faith by the power of the Holy
  • One holy Christian church: the body of Christ.
  • The second coming of Jesus Christ and the consummation of all things.
  • The gift of everlasting life in Heaven, with Christ, for all who have trusted in Him for salvation.

 1.7 LOGO

Love Arc: Divine covenant love is the engine of Total Transformation. This is the essence of DOXA’s existence.

Staff: This is the symbol of leadership; leadership by God, Man and Society. Leadership directed and governed by the Holy Spirit (Trinity of DOXA).

Gold Lampstand: The society is basically divided into seven social spheres: Education, Family, Economy, Government, Religion, Arts & Media and Sports & Celebration (The Seven candlesticks). Our students are taught to shape and transform the society at the individual level, environmental front, and social front by Engaging, Confronting, Infiltrating, and Integrating kingdom values, principles, virtues and character in our social spheres. The gold signifies divinity which implies that nothing (No Subjects/Discipline) is secular everything is divinely revealed.

The Colours:

The Blue Ribbons: The blue portrays DOXA as restorer of wholesomeness first, to education and to all other social spheres.

The Red Cross: This is indicative of self-less service, sacrifice for a worthy cause and CHRIST as THE PRIMACY.

The Black Colour: This signifies humility. Knowledge is dispensed and acquired in utmost humility without being puffed up.

The Green Colour: This represents productivity and fertility.

The Yellow Colour: This depicts illumination and distinction. It implies that DOXA is a trail-blazer; a place of light, liberty and learning.