Solomon Eleojo Omayiwa is Nigerian born; an indigene of Kogi state in Middle – Belt zone of Nigeria, West Africa. He is the President/Chancellor (CEO) of DOXA Institute Kaduna; a trail-blazing transformation-driven “Elducational” institution located in Kaduna state. He is also the Chief Consultant of EDWIN INITIATIVE & CONSULT (Educational Development Winning Initiative & Consult). He consults for institutions (educational, religious and others), public and private corporate bodies, governmental and non-governmental organizations and for individuals.

Solomon is an astute Strategist; a Professor of Strategic Vision with the chair of “Strategy” at DOXA Institute Kaduna. He is a highly reputable visionary leader. He is passionately committed to his life-vision of “Serving the People and their Purpose” with ABSOLUTUS VERITAS as his watch-word.

Solomon is an avid reader, an erudite scholar; well-read and versed in the humanities. He is also a prolific writer with many titles to his credit. He is a passionate teacher and public lecturer with great effective agility. He is a reputable educationist, a trainer, international public and motivational speaker with extensive experience and dexterity in his area of training and development. He has a very sound background in the fields of Public Speaking & Presentation, International Relations, Business Administration, Human Resource Development & Management, Theology, Leadership, Professional Counseling, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology et cetera.

As an erudite and accomplished scholar, Solomon has earned several degrees and diplomas both within and outside Nigeria with the following appointments & awards:


  • Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership
  • Professor of Strategic Vision
  • Professor of Theology
  • Distinguished Role Model in Corporate Governance

He has lectured in several institutions of higher learning where he majors in the humanities and has pioneered institutions of high repute before he founded DOXA Institute in 2008. He also has several professional affiliations such as:

  • Full Member; Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria (IRAMN)
  • Fellow; The Institute of Certified Psychologists, Nigeria (FICPN)
  • Fellow; Acorn Strategic Professionals (FASP)
  • Fellow; Institute of Public Speaking Nigeria (FIPS)


Solomon is a multifaceted personality. In this vein, he is a publisher and one of the Director of Transconventional Publishers. He is also a youth worker, a youth leader and counselor with a large heart for youth leadership and development. He is the CEO of TRANSFORMING; an international youth organization that is committed to youth development, empowerment and raising of purposeful youth leaders.

In summary, Solomon Eleojo Omayiwa is a “Resource Centre”, a cosmopolitan and worldview. He distributes light, liberty and learning where ever he goes. He is highly innovative, research-driven, impact-driven, process-driven, entrepreneurship-driven and transformation-driven. He addresses critical issues that have direct transformational effects on the total man – spirit, soul, and body with mind renewal and social re-engineering, socio-economic development, capacity building, emotional intelligence, moral values and ethics as very special areas of interest.