The Premier Leadership Institution: DOXA Institute


“There is an institution sent from God whose name is DOXA INSTITUTE.” She is sent with the dictum of a meteoric transformation, a transfiguration, revolution, and modification; a deviation from the “norm”; a metamorphosis, and metagenesis of the educational sphere in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

With great delight, I announce the physical birth of DOXA Institute {DOXA Leadership Theological Institute} aka “GODUCATIONAL”/ “ELDUCATIONAL” TRANSFORMATION CENTRE, to the general public. DI has come at the right time as a tool for providing values for the GENERAL EDUCATION. Little wonder! Professor Adamu Baikie christened it “A RE-EDUCATION CENTRE”. This means, no matter your level of educational attainment, you need to come to DOXA Institute for a refocillation – a reinvigoration of the inner man – your true self.

DOXA is practically driven by the unseen hands of the Almighty God in her drive to raise youths, women and men that will replicate what she stands for. She is out to make an indelible impact on the hearts of people by imparting in them the right kind of knowledge that will set them on course the path of transformation wherever they find themselves so that the kingdom of men can be said to have become the kingdom of our God and His Christ.

DOXA Institute (DI) has moved from the conventional way of running tertiary institutions with more emphasis on intellectual development and little or no regard for values and social re – engineering. There is a paradigm shift in education therefore; DI’s module of learning is focused at changing the orientation of the people in the secular sector to use their profession as a field of ministry and to become ambassadors of Christ in the market and public places and not just in “ministry”.

DI appreciates St. Augustine’s concept of “the city of God” as enunciated in proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

I therefore welcome you all, especially, those interested in taking a bold step to share in our experience of a revolutionized institution. Avail yourself of this novel opportunity.

Prof. Solomon Omayiwa                                                                                                    President/Chancellor